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Discussion Reply!!! About 50 Words

Discussion Reply!!! About 50 Words


  • What suggestions do you have for your classmates on their network cabling? 
  • Are there any other suggestions for what they should consider for their equipment setup? 


  • Where are you moving to for your new work-from-home  position? Which ISPs are available at this location? Which do you pick  and why? 
  • I will be moving to Smithfield, VA, to work for Smithfield Foods but  working from home as a cyber security analyst. The town of Smithfield  resides within the county of Isle of Wight. Due to the rural area, only 3  ISP are available: Spectrum Internet, HughesNet Internet, and T-Mobile  Home Internet. Of these three options, I would only choose Spectrum  Internet for two reasons. The first, the others use mobile hotspots, and  the second spectrum offers a Home Business option to have a hard line  installed along with wi-fi, so you have better coverage.
  • What equipment do you need for your  work-from-home position? What does your ISP provide? What does your  employer provide? What do you need to provide?
  • My home office will require a computer, modem, router, and all the  necessary power cords and cables to connect the devices. My company  would provide my Desktop with two-factor authentication. My ISP would  provide the modem and routers and the necessary coax and ethernet cables  for my wi-fi and wired internet. I would need to provide additional  IoT, such as a printer and tablet.
  • What network cabling will you be using, and which devices?
  • I will use coax and ethernet cables. The coax cable will be  connected from the wall to the back of the modem, the ethernet will  connect from the computer to the modem, and the ethernet will connect  the modem to the router for other wi-fi access.
  • How do you determine the IP addresses on your devices?
  • Since I have been using Windows 10 for my work computer, I could use  a few different ways to ascertain my IP addresses. First, you can use  the command prompt, type “cmd” in the search bar, right-click on the  command prompt and “run as administrator,” then, on the command line,  type “arp – a”  This will display all the IP addresses within the  network. Second, I could open the “My spectrum” app and go to my  internet option; select display connects to all connected IP addresses.
  • How will you set up equipment in your  office in your new home? Will you be using wireless or hard wire for  your network connection? What else should be considered?
  • I will be setting up all my equipment in my allocated office space. I  will have the modem and router on the desk with the computer, and my  printer will be next to the desk on the stand. Having all my equipment  close will allow easy access and minimum cables. I will have two sources  of the internet for work, the primary being wi-fi, but given that I  live in a rural area, the wi-fi can sometimes be spotty. For this  reason, my backup internet connection will be my wired coax line into my  modem, fed into my computer via ethernet Cat5 wire. My IoT devices will  be connected via wireless; if all else should fail (unlikely), I could  always use my cell phone as a mobile hotspot for emergencies.


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