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Color And Value

Color And Value

You can complete this assignment using your journal or Bristol board.

STEP 1) Selecting Fabric or Wallpaper.

You will select a colorful patterned fabric or wallpaper and will glue to your journal or Bristol board.

The fabric or wallpaper must have at least two colors.

(Note: Don’t consider White, Black and Grey as hues)

STEP 2) Identifying Hues.

You will identify all hues (colors) that selected fabric or wallpaper has. Name all hues you find at the selected fabric or wallpaper.

STEP 3) Identifying Values.

You will make a black and white photocopy of your fabric or wallpaper. You will print and glue the photocopy to your journal or Bristol board.

You will identify all values the selected fabric or wallpaper has. Number each value you identify and create a value scale of your black and white photocopy.

STEP 4) Matching Paintings.

Use and to help you find all information for Steps 4A, 4B and 5.

STEP 4A) Matching Colors.

You will select one painting color that is equal (or most similar) for each of the hues you identify on Step 2. For each painting you will add:

Sample, Brand, Name, Code, RGB values, Hex value (Hex code), LRV, RGB composition, CMYK composition, Saturation percentage, Lightness percentage.

STEP 4B) Matching Values.

You will select one painting color that is equal (or most similar) for each of the values you identify on Step 3. For each painting you will add:

Sample, Brand, Name, Code, RGV, Hex Value, LRV, RGB composition, CMYK composition, Saturation percentage, Lightness percentage.

STEP 5) Creating Color Schemes.

Using colors identified at Steps 2 and 4A, you will you will create a table for each color with:

Complementary color, Triadic colors, Analogous colors (at least 2), Monochromatic colors (at least 2), Shade colors (at least 2), Tint colors (at least 2) and Tone colors (at least 2).

Add Color Name + Hex Value (Hex code) to identify each color on your table.




Complementary Color











Tone Colors


Benjamin Moore 2005-20 Hot Apple Spice

Cyan #3d8187

Blue #433d87 Green #3d8743

Pink #873d5c Orange #87683d

Red #994c45

Red #aa544d

Red #793c37

Red #6c3631

Red #954a43

Red #a25049

Red #7f4945

Red #8f3d35

STEP 6) Creating a Final Color Palette.

You will select one Color Scheme type and will create a final painting color palette to the selected fabric or wallpaper. Add to your journal or Bristol board the painting samples for each color to illustrate your final color palette.

STEP 7) Describe Your Thoughts/Findings.

You will create a paragraph describing your thoughts and findings about the selected color scheme and your final color palette.

Define and show examples with the color palette created on Step 6. Use color photos within architecture or interior design. Describe the photos.

Please write more than 4 sentences.

Using a black felt tip pen, you will begin to explore critical thinking skills of the principles and elements of design. Finding a comfortable space and allowable time to contemplate, you will begin to write thoughts, opinions, reasoning, understanding and verified research on the following topics. Your writings should be free-flowing but insightful as you explore these topics. Be creative but, be mindful of refinement and restraint with your assignment. 

After you complete your journal assignment you will need to scan your pages using a DESKTOP SCANNER or your SMARTPHONE. If you have multiple pages, combine them into ONE PDF document!!!

Unreadable, blurry, distorted, upside down, badly formatted scans/photos will not be graded. You will receive a ZERO for the assignment. 

I uploadEd an example for this assignment 

***** Please use one of the fabric pic that I upload .

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